Translation & editing

Peabody Ink is run by Dr Kat Hall. Kat offers services to writers, academics, journals, magazines, publishers, and cultural bodies in and beyond the UK –

  • Translation (GER > ENG) – literature, culture, history, politics, publishing, academia
  • Editing, copy-editing, proofreading
  • Consultancy – reader reviews, TV/film

Kat’s expertise and experience –

  • German to English translator
  • Member of the Society of Authors and the Translators Association
  • Twenty-five years of editing / copy-editing academic and cultural texts
  • Manuscript editor for Leo Baeck Institute Year Book
  • Translating and editing both fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Editor of Crime Fiction in German and crime fiction reviewer
  • BA in English and German (first-class hons), Southampton University
  • PhD in German studies, Southampton University
  • Eighteen years as lecturer / senior lecturer / associate professor in the Department of Modern Languages, Swansea University
  • Honorary Research Associate in Modern Languages, Swansea University

Kat’s clients include – 

  • Academics and authors
  • BBC Radio Four
  • BBC World Service
  • Brown University
  • CrimeFest
  • De Gruyter Verlag
  • Fischer Verlag
  • Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Goethe-Institut London
  • John Murray Press
  • Kiepenheuer & Witsch
  • Leo Baeck Institute Year Book
  • Marcel Hartges Literatur- und Filmagentur
  • Mystery Tribune
  • Newcastle Noir
  • New Books in German
  • Peter Lang Publishing
  • Piper Verlag
  • Swansea University
  • University of Wales Press
  • Working Title TV

Currently translating:

Ferdinand von Schirach’s Kaffee und Zigaretten (for John Murray Press)

Recent projects – 

  • Translation: Ferdinand von Schirach, Everyone / Jeder Mensch (forthcoming)
  • Copy-editing: journal article on German-Jewish attitudes to matrimony
  • Translation: various Frankfurt Magazine articles (Frankfurt Book Fair)
  • Translation: sample of Sophie Passmann’s Gänsehaut / Growing Pains (KiWi)
  • Translation: sample of David Schalko’s Bad Regina / Regina Spa (KiWi)
  • Book-length translation: Ferdinand von Schirach’s Strafe Punishment (John Murray / Hodder & Stoughton, forthcoming)
  • Translation: sample of Hans Fricke’s Out and About in the Blue Universe (KiWi)
  • Translation: sample of audio piece by Katrin Eichmann
  • Copy-editing: journal article on fin-de-siècle Vienna
  • Copy-editing: journal article on the Jewry Oath (More Judaico)
  • Translation: pieces by Nino Haratischwili, Terézia Mora, Olga Grjasnowa and Saša Stanišić (p. 22).
  • Translation: conference paper on Ernst Toller’s speeches in exile
  • Translation: various Frankfurt Magazine articles (Frankfurt Book Fair)
  • Translation: journal article on Volker Kutscher’s crime fiction
  • Comparative edit: English translation of Frank Schätzing’s Breaking News (forthcoming)
  • Translation: chapters for Thomas Kniesche’s Contemporary German Crime Fiction (De Gruyter)
  • Copy-editing: journal article on political activism in 1980s West Germany
  • Translation: Frankfurt Book Fair press releases
  • Translation: German publisher catalogues for London Book Fair
  • Reader reports for publishers and New Books in German

I love what I do. I’m committed to achieving the best possible results for my clients. I’m used to managing complex projects and meeting strict deadlines.

Please get in touch via the contact page for further information and rates.